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  • My name is Crystal. This is my black and white blog. I am 18 years old. California. I'm a confused teenage girl who doesn't know what she wants in life. I'm still attempting to find myself.

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    My dad is honestly such a piece of shit, I need to leave this house.

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    It kinda sucks when you feel like you do so much for that special someone but they still want to leave you.. I guess you can say I’m feeling real shitty tonight.

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    I had my first anxiety attack last night.

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    My parents are such fucking assholes, they sit on their asses all day on fucking Facebook until they have to work and then laugh when I say I’m starving, I have only ate a small bowl of cereal, a hotdog, and some chips. I’m sick and tired of my parents thinking they’re young and they can just chill like it’s gotten to the point where I just want to kill myself. Not because of this situation, but they treat me like a piece of shit after so much I do for them. It’s honestly such bullshit and I have had enough. I have been feeling so depressed lately and just want to end it all.

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